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Denver Sewer Repair Company


Residential Plumbing Excavation
APEX Plumbing is the premier provider of residential sewer repair and water line replacement for the Denver Metro Area. We provide professional crews, turn-key solutions, and reliable service.


Commercial Plumbing
We serve the commercial and construction industries by specializing in the installation and repair of vaults, interceptors, sanitary sewer laterals, storm lines, water service lines/mains, and fire lines.


Municipality Plumbing
APEX Plumbing performs emergency repair and infrastructure rehabilitation in cities and districts along the Front Range, including water lines, sanitary and storm sewer mains, and service lines.

Our Story

APEX Plumbing is a Colorado company that has been serving the Denver Metro area since 1985. What began as a traditional plumbing business has grown over the past 30 years to become the expert in underground utility (water and sewer line) repair and replacement for residential, commercial, and municipal customers across the Front Range.

Known as “the underground guys” because of our unique qualifications to handle water and sewer installation and repair, we have also built our reputation on providing excellent excavation services and turn-key surface restoration solutions for concrete, asphalt, and landscaping. We take pride in our professional and knowledgeable crews and are committed to customer satisfaction.

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