It’s that time of year again when people set a million and one goals and make resolutions to fundamentally change their life. They want to lose weight, make more money, prioritize self-care, read more books, etc. Improvement is certainly a positive thing in every aspect of life, which also includes your home. Most people won’t set a goal to improve their home as much as to improve themselves, but if your home has a lead water line, we at Apex would suggest you do. According to this Denver Water article, there are still upwards of 84,000 homes around Denver that still have lead water lines. This website details all the negative health effects of lead in drinking water. For a fixable problem with such negative effects if left unfixed, do not go another year letting lead particles float in your home through your lead water lines. Make 2024 your healthiest year yet and start by getting your lead water line replaced!

Apex Plumbing specializes in sewer repairs and water line replacements having performed well over 10,000 repairs around Denver Metro over the last 39 years. Denver Water has their own program you can find here, but we work alongside them in helping to replace as many lead water lines in Denver as possible. Unfortunately, there are still plenty more to do. Make sure you are not one of them! Set a 2024 resolution to prioritize your health and get your lead water line replaced. If you are in need of a replacement, contact Apex today!

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