Herb Hohengasser doesn’t know what it means to retire. Who is he? He’s a 90-year-old plumber and gas inspector in Deerfield, NH. At 90, he is one of the oldest plumbers in the U.S. As the Daily Hampshire Gazette reports, Hohengasser is technically retired, but he still inspects on average five to 10 buildings per week and continues to plumb. In the 1950s, Herb joined the Franklin County Master Plumbers Association, which is now composed of dozens of plumbers. He worked under the organization’s founder before becoming a self-employed plumber in 1965. Why does he continue to work at 90? “It gets me out of the house,” he says. His friends/co-workers call him a “wealth of information.” After all, you’d probably learn a thing or two in 60+ years!

Did you know APEX Plumbing has been around for 32 years? Not quite as impressive as Herb Hohengasser, but we’d like to think we too have learned a few things in the last three decades. Unlike Herb, we specialize in underground plumbing such as sewer line repair and have become the premier wet utilities contractor in the Denver Metro area. Having performed tens of thousands of water and sewer line repairs, installations, and replacements, we believe we can answer any question about wet utilities that is thrown our way. Like Herb, we too are considered a wealth of information by plumbers, homeowners, realtors, municipalities, and contractors. In fact, we offer free presentations that explain the process of working on underground utilities, how to evaluate a sewer line video, the important questions to ask before beginning a project, and much more.

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