When you think about architectural wonders, you think about skyscrapers and churches and pieces of art, right? You don’t generally think about things below ground because that’s usually thought to be just for the foundation for above ground structures. However, a hotel in China is changing that perception. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is proving that amazing things can be and are built underneath the earth. According to a USA Today article, the hotel is eco-friendly, creating its own power through geothermal and solar energy. It has 337 rooms and suites and two levels submerged under the water, so guests can see the 33-foot-deep aquarium out of their window. Guests can also look out upon a waterfall across from the hotel in Shenkeng Quarry. Rooms begin at around $500 per night and come with premium features including 55” LCD TVs and Bose sound systems in every room. Who says amazing structures can’t be built underground? Instead of giant skyscrapers that seem to be getting taller and taller, could this be the future of architecture?

We at Apex are partial to things underground. Known as “the underground guys”, we specialize in sewer repair and water line replacement. If it is a wet utility underground, we can install it, repair it, replace it, move it, or remove it. We know more than most about the incredible things found under the surface. A city’s sewer and water line infrastructure is an architectural wonder unto itself. Providing water to and expelling waste from tens of thousands of homes is no small feat. The logistics of reaching so many houses is quite impressive to consider. We work in every town across the Denver Metro area and are very familiar with each town’s infrastructure. Due to our knowledge of underground wet utilities, we are uniquely qualified to handle any sewer repair, water line replacement, grease trap installation, and much more. To learn more about our services, click here. If you are in need of our services, contact us today for your FREE estimate!

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