As I research for each of these blogs, I often try to find out what is going on in the world of plumbing by Google searching plumbing terms. Articles containing plumbing’s illegal activities, common plumbing issues, mistakes, current news, and more have all served as inspiration for this blog. However, one common type of article that I have yet to write on is the small-town publications which detail brand new plumbing businesses, generational family-owned plumbing businesses, plumbing companies fighting for local causes, and more. These articles serve to show the human side of a locally-owned company, a view that is often missing in big cities.

In Denver, we have over 2.5 million people in the Metro area, so small companies rarely get noticed when they give back to their communities or for the genuinely good people that keep them running. Behind every small business are special people who work hard to provide a product for their surrounding community. Sure, making money is a priority, but so many of these small-town articles show how these family-owned companies truly are trying to make everyone’s world a little better. It is about providing a personal touch you simply can’t get at larger companies.

For us at Apex, we may be the largest wet utilities repair company in Denver, but we have the same owner who started it with just him and one employee. We have always striven to provide that personal level of customer service you can expect from small businesses. We’re a local company who truly values the Denver area and the people in it. This is why in 2019 we are looking to give back more than ever before. From the beginning in 1985, we have always understood that people matter and giving them the best product available at a fair price is the only way to do business. However, we’re taking this theme of “People Matter” one step further and we’re hoping you will join us! Every month, we will be posting a donation tab on Facebook and will look to match up to $500 in donations for a total of $1000 to locally operated non-profits we believe in. We want to make a difference and continue to be a force for good in our community and we would greatly appreciate your help! Make sure to like and subscribe to our Facebook page so you don’t miss your chance to contribute.

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