APEX Plumbing provides turn-key solutions to meet your underground plumbing needs. This means we do all the work in house. This includes everything from the excavation to the pipe work to the asphalt/concrete replacement to the landscape restoration. Below is a series of pictures detailing the work from start to finish on a recent pipe bursting job we performed. You will see our attention to detail, our focus on crew safety, and our emphasis on making it look as though we were never there.


This is a straight line to the street with no bellies in the pipe so this is a pipe bursting job.

We are going to install new cleanouts, the white pipes you see standing out of the ground by the house.

Here is a better look at the cleanouts.

Depth of the sewer main in the street – 9’6″


Here is a typical job site. Notice the dirt and backhoe being on boards so as to preserve the landscaping.

A pipe burst requires access on both ends of the line. Here is the first hole where the pipe is pulled through to the other hole. Notice the shoring boards in the hole. Those are used to ensure the workers’ safety from cave ins while down in the hole.

Here is the second hole the pipe is being pulled to. Again, notice the shoring in the hole to ensure our workers’ safety.

Here is a panorama of the job site.


Notice you cannot tell we were there. This is what is provided in our full surface restoration promise.

Our crews are highly experienced in working with both concrete and asphalt, as you can see here.

With our pipe bursting technology, we were able to leave their yard intact.

We relaid the existing sod and left it looking as good as new.

Not every job requires a backhoe and extensive digging on both ends. Below is one more before/during/after look at a job that did not require extensive digging. Once again, we strive to make it look as though we were never there.

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