In small town South Carolina, local police are looking for a man who is accused of a plumbing scam. According to this article, Jeremy Paul Edwin Mosley of the Sumter, SC area is accused of negotiating a plumbing deal, taking money from the customer, and never showing up to make the repairs. Police are reaching out to those in the area for any information. Though the breach of trust is for less than $2,000, it underlines a much more serious issue. Scams are not just performed by someone in a foreign country over the phone against poor elderly folks. Unfortunately, this happens too frequently in the trades by guys like Mr. Mosley – a white 47-year-old “plumber.”

We all put our faith in men like this any time we have work to be done on our homes. You trust your contractors to show up on time, do good work, and finish in a timely manner. The money you put down before the job begins is done in good faith that they’ll uphold their end of the deal. This is why finding a trusted contractor is incredibly important. Your hard-earned money is on the line which, in many cases, can add up into the thousands depending on the project. As such, make sure whoever you use comes highly recommended or has a good track record on sights like BBB. There are plenty of small companies who do fantastic work and can be trusted to meet all your needs. However, there are plenty who cannot. Make sure you know who you are hiring.

We understand in our line of work there are several options to choose from. To help our potential customers determine who they should choose for their sewer repair or water line replacement, we’ve made this page of ‘Questions to Ask When Deciding.’ Of course, we’re extremely biased and would love to have your business so we’ve also created a ‘Why Choose Apex’ page. Please feel free to check out both! Bottom line, don’t let yourself be scammed. Know who you are hiring by doing the work to make sure they are legitimate.

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