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The Historical Figures You’ve Never Heard Of

We’ve all heard of Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison, but have you ever heard of Harvey Hubbell? No? What about Willis Carrier? How about Hedy Lamarr? You may have heard the name Alexander Fleming at some point. Who are these people? Harvey Hubbell is the inventor of...

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Digging Deeper to Solve Problems

Psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, shrink, therapist – whatever you call them, those specializing in the mental health field have quite the job. While they listen to people’s problems (depression, anxiety, anger, poor communication, low self-esteem, etc.), they know there...

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National Hug a Plumber Day!

I’m always intrigued when I look up “National Days” on Google. If you are ever bored or need a laugh or two, check out what is being celebrated each day. Did you know that in the month of April so far we have celebrated National Chocolate Mousse Day (4/3), National...

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Apex Gives Back!

As I research for each of these blogs, I often try to find out what is going on in the world of plumbing by Google searching plumbing terms. Articles containing plumbing’s illegal activities, common plumbing issues, mistakes, current news, and more have all served as...

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Make Way For The Future!

The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) recently took place in Las Vegas. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, this electronics bonanza showcases the newest tech including new concept cars, phones, tablets, kitchen appliances, robots, home entertainment systems, and...

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Even Wizards Prefer Modern Plumbing

Have you ever wondered where wizards and witches in the world of Harry Potter used the bathroom before modern plumbing? Us neither. Despite our lack of interest in the subject, J.K. Rowling has answered it for us anyway via Pottermore.com. The Pottermore Twitter page...

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Plumbing’s Dangerous Illegal Activity

In a recent article from a small-town New England publication, the writer warned of illegal activity that had been taking place in Queen Anne’s County, MD. Was it theft, violence or possibly gang related? No, but this illegal activity takes place all over the country,...

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Amazing Underground Architecture

When you think about architectural wonders, you think about skyscrapers and churches and pieces of art, right? You don’t generally think about things below ground because that’s usually thought to be just for the foundation for above ground structures. However, a...

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