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Plumbing in the Age of Technology

With this new age of technology, it is hard to get kids and young adults to be interested in trades like plumbing and carpentry these days. Technology is new, fascinating, and all-consuming in the 21st century. The trades can seem old, boring, and dirty....

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Mistakes You Just Don’t Make

I remember while growing up hearing the phrase “Everyone makes mistakes.” This typically was stated after an accidental small-scale mistake like spilling a drink or forgetting to take the trash out. However, there were times my parents would tell me, “There are...

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You Might Need An Expert If…

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech Have you ever been to someone’s house and been surprised to see their plumbing workarounds like duct taped pipes or buckets put under leaky areas? In a recent Reader’s Digest article, they showcased 34 nightmarish plumbing issues seen...

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The Unpredictability of Foul Territory

(Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report)   I like to check google every week or two to see if there are any interesting articles concerning plumbing or underground or something that might give me fuel for these blogs. Unfortunately, my recent search yielded nothing...

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The World Under the Surface

I’ve always been pretty fascinated with what is underneath us. Whether it be James Cameron going in a submarine to explore the depths of the ocean or Indiana Jones finding the Ark of the Covenant under a mound of sand in Egypt, the real or even fictional mysteries...

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Just Plane Funny

If you're like me, you love flying on planes and love the anticipation of getting to your destination. Although I've never been on a flight that's been forced to turn around, I figure that's one of the worst feelings. Not only is the anticipation put on hold, but...

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Dealing with Frozen Pipes?

With the most recent cold front that moved through CO this last weekend, most of Denver was hit with at least 4” of snow and temperatures that got down into the teens. Though that was the most snow we’ve had this winter, the Denver Metro area has had some seriously...

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Technology in Plumbing

For the last 50 years, the world has experienced an unprecedented jump forward in technological advancements. From computers and internet to smart phones and tablets, electric vehicles and self-driving cars to rockets that are being built to reach Mars, it seems we...

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