Common Sewer Problems


As a company who, for nearly 35 years, has seen and worked on every type of sewer line problem imaginable, we want to give some tips about the most common sewer problems you will run into as a homeowner. There are four main issues that are common to home sewer lines.


Denver sewer repair

A belly or low spot occurs when a part of the pipe sinks causing the water to pool in a certain area. This makes it difficult for waste to pass through and causes leaks. When this occurs, trenchless sewer repair cannot be used due to the fact that the pipe will simply follow the path of the previous sewer line and will belly as well.

Root Penetration

Denver sewer repair

If you live in a house that was built in the 1970s or before, the chances are good that you have a clay sewer line that has several joints. These seams allow for tree roots to grow in between and can completely stop up your line if the penetration is bad enough. We at Apex replace the clay with a much more durable plastic pipe that has no seams, giving you confidence that you will never have to deal with tree roots again.


When sewer lines have joints, sometimes one might shift causing the two pipes to not align correctly. This is called an offset. It causes severe leaks, which might be one explanation if you find you have a perpetual pool of water in your yard. As with root penetration, our durable industry-standard plastic pipe has no seams. This means if we provide a full-line replacement, we will eliminate the potential for offsets. Denver sewer repair

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