We’ve written on things like underground discoveries before, but it never fails to amaze me what people sometimes find in their sewers, especially those in Europe with their age. Due to the relative newness of the American sewer system, it’s fairly limited what we can find below the surface. Crazy things have certainly been found, but nothing tops a recent discovery in the Roman sewers. According to this article by Reuters, on February first, “A life-sized statue of a Roman emperor posing as the classical hero Hercules has been discovered during sewer repair works near the Appia Antica (Appian Way), ancient Rome’s first highway.” I mean, we at Apex sometimes find duct taped coffee cans for pipes or old buried bottles, which is kinda comparable. In all seriousness, how cool is it that sewer workers get to find statues that date back to the 3rd century? Make sure to click on the article link above because they have pictures of the statue, and its face is well preserved – all the way down to the frown lines on the forehead. Unfortunately, the full statue consists of several broken pieces and suffered some accidental damage in the discovery, but it is currently in the restoration process.

Underground work is difficult and strenuous. Digging several feet in rock-hard dirt or sandy soil in the freezing cold to repair or replace pipe can be rough. For 38 years, we at Apex Plumbing have been gladly serving the great city of Denver and its surrounding towns. No, we’ve never found statues of Roman emperors dressed as demi-gods, but that’s alright. We don’t do this for the historic discoveries. We do it for you, the customer. We know more than anyone how tough the work can be, but the reward isn’t our discovery being named in a Reuters article (good for those Roman crews!) – it’s happy customers. So if you are in need of a sewer repair or water line replacement, contact us today! We’d love the chance to make you a happy customer as well.

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