Psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, shrink, therapist – whatever you call them, those specializing in the mental health field have quite the job. While they listen to people’s problems (depression, anxiety, anger, poor communication, low self-esteem, etc.), they know there is more to it than what meets the eye. While most of us would simply tell them to get over it (a la Geico’s Drill Sergeant therapist commercial), mental health counselors dig deep into the subconscious. They do this by unraveling and processing past traumas, finding unhealthy patterns and their reasons, and working with their clients to chart a new healthier course for their lives. Fortunately, therapists understand it is what’s under the surface that is causing the outward symptoms everyone else sees. By addressing what is underneath, the problems on the surface fade away.

Similarly, we as an underground plumbing company see the symptoms on the surface (backed up toilet, pool of water in the grass, etc.) and understand something underneath is most likely at play. We must literally dig under the surface to expose the issue (broken or leaking pipe) and repair it. Once repaired, we do our best to replace the surface and put things back to as close to perfect as possible, and the noticeable symptoms up above go away.

In no way is this intended to make light of the mental health field. We greatly support the work of therapists and are so appreciative of their work. In fact, one of the nonprofits we have recently supported is the Second Wind Fund, a local organization that provides the funding for therapy for children at risk for suicide. Our Facebook page is currently seeking to raise funds for the Second Wind Fund, allowing all of our followers the chance to join in giving to this great organization.

Are you experiencing problems underneath the surface of your life? Seek help! Reach out to a therapist today. Are you experiencing problems underneath the surface of your yard or house? Contact us today!

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