I’ve always enjoyed etymology, the study of where words came from. How do we end up with words like ‘fascination’ or even ‘etymology’? Luckily, we live in the age of Google where we can now know that in the typing of a few keys and a few clicks of the mouse/taps on the screen. What is even more interesting to me is why people choose to use certain words, especially those that are now quite recognizable. Have you ever wondered why Phil Knight named his company ‘Nike’? It’s a more interesting story than you might think, which he further details in his memoir. Why did Steve Jobs name his company ‘Apple’? On a much smaller scale, I was curious why our company was named ‘Apex.’ Lots of companies have named themselves ‘Apex’ from other plumbers to automotive companies to investment firms. What is it about ‘Apex’? So I asked our owner why he chose it, and his answer aligned with Steve Jobs’ answer: it was earlier than other competitors in the phonebook. Names like AAA were taken and Apex sounded good. It also meant something at the peak, which was a good sentiment to use in business. It’s when you dig into the etymology of it that it gets interesting.

As the above picture shows (taken from the ‘Apex‘ entry on etymonline), ‘Apex’ comes from Latin meaning “summit, peak, tip, top, extreme end.” We at Apex Plumbing are constantly striving to be at our peak, the top underground wet utilities contractor in Denver. We’ve also gone to extreme ends to provide the best service possible. We were one of the first to offer a 5-year fully transferable warranty. We were an early adopter of trenchless repairs. We have continually worked with Denver Water to allow such technology for Denver repairs. A key aspect to our company is to be willing to go to great lengths to be at the peak of our industry.

Also listed as the etymology is the Latin word apere meaning “to fasten, fix.” Of course, this is intended in more of a sewing way, but I couldn’t help but think about our job in fastening and fixing pipe for our living. We’ve worked on over 10,000 sewer line breaks, off-sets, bellies, root intrusions, and more. With each one, we diagnose the issue through scoping the line and set to work to fix whatever the problem may be.

Third, under the apt (adj.) section is states, “mid-14c., “inclined, disposed;” late 14c., “suited, fitted, adapted, possessing the necessary qualities for the purpose.”” We at Apex have worked tirelessly to possess whatever necessary qualities it takes to give each customer the best service experience they’ve had. From starting our own concrete plant in order to better regulate our quality to regularly having customer feedback meetings as to how we can improve, Apex is constantly looking for ways to be at the top. We are also well suited to fix any underground plumbing issue because we have hundreds of years of combined experience in our industry.

Lastly, under apical (adj.) it says, “of or belonging to an apex.” Here at Apex, we are proud to be a family-owned business with family values. We strive to make this a company where each employee feels they absolutely do belong to this family.

If you are looking for a job in this industry, we are hiring and would love to talk. If you are in need of an installation, repair, or replacement of your underground wet utility, please contact us today and see why we are the Apex of our industry!

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