You just walked downstairs to see a puddle of water in your basement. Your toilet has backed up! Quickly, you grab a shop vac and suck up as much water as possible while your spouse turns the water off. You make a phone call to a plumber who comes to your house, opens your basement cleanout, and runs a scope down the line. Once he’s done, he suggests your sewer is bad and his company can fix it for $20,000. You ask for a copy of the video, and he sends you an email with the link. What do you do now? Do you just max out three credit cards and pay the $20,000 for the suggested repair? You have the video, but you don’t know what you’re looking at. Does it really need the repair? You’re assuming it does because, after all, these guys are the experts, right? Unfortunately, this is the story of many people around Denver who call a big-name plumber only to be told their entire life’s savings will be drained in one repair.

If that happens to you, make sure to go to We have an entire page dedicated to helping you know how to read sewer line videos. That may be a good place to start so you can at least read it for yourself. However, make sure you also go to our ‘Contact Apex’ page and give us a call. We will evaluate the video for free and let you know if the suggested repair is needed. Sadly, we’ve evaluated more than a few videos where the customer was told to get an expensive repair only to find there was nothing wrong with the line.

We’ve been serving the great people of Denver for nearly 40 years and have grown to be one of the biggest underground wet utilities repair companies in Denver largely due to word of mouth. We didn’t get there by cheating people and providing unnecessarily repairs to hard working folks. Now, some repairs truly are $20,000 repairs. However, big traditional plumbing companies often sub out sewer work so they mark up their prices by obscene amounts. We do all of our work in house so our costs stay low and highly competitive. If you have been given a high dollar quote for a repair, make sure to call Apex for a free evaluation of the video and at least one more quote from a company who has built their reputation on providing top notch service to each and every customer.

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