Your toilet stops working so you get it scoped. Unfortunately, the video shows tree roots in your line underneath your front yard. It’s determined that you need your sewer line repaired so you get several bids. Much to your surprise, the cheapest is several thousand dollars! It’s just tree roots in the sewer line! What could possibly cost so much to fix? Regular plumbing just costs a few hundred dollars each project, right? There are several aspects to a sewer repair job (or a water line replacement) that result in a higher price.

Interior plumbing jobs often cost less than $500, yet underground plumbing jobs often cost in the thousands. Why is one so much more expensive than the other? If you are looking to have your sewer repaired or your water line replaced, you may be wondering why your project costs so much. To understand, consider the several aspects of each job we take into consideration for each and every proposal we create.

What is the problem?

Is this a simple spot repair that can be completed rather quickly or will this require more time, effort, and resources?

Is this an emergency?

Do we need to mobilize a crew within mere hours? Unfortunately, the cost to quickly mobilize a crew or have overtime hours can cost us several hundred dollars. This will cause the cost of the job to rise. However, if we are able to schedule your job and can work during our normal business hours then it can help keep the cost lower than if it were an emergency.

How deep is the main?
How far from the property?
Is it trenchless or traditional?
Is there access for equipment?
What materials need to be used?
What city? How much are the permits?
How many crew hours will it take to finish?
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