Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have been asked thousands of questions by homeowners, realtors, and more. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Before the Work:

Where is my sewer line located?
  • Modern equipment has eliminated the guesswork that used to be a part of sewer line repair. Numerous companies, including APEX, perform the locating service. Sewer lines often run under front yards, driveways, patios, and more. These can be accessed for video inspection via cleanouts (for a definition, please visit our ‘Common Terms‘ page).
How can I be sure it needs to be fixed? What about a second opinion?
  • If your line is malfunctioning in any way, it is good to call someone to video inspect it for you. We at APEX do not provide this service so as to not have a conflict of interest with other companies who do occasionally refer us. However, we are happy to help you read a video and give our opinion (for free) on the need to repair or replace your line.
My sewer line video shows my line is bad. What do I do now?
  • Once you have determined that your sewer line is broken, give APEX a call. We will then come out and give a free estimate on how much it will cost to fix it. Many people get multiple bids from different companies. If this is you and you have received several bids for your work, please read the next question.
What do I look for on a sewer bid?
  • In choosing a company to do your water/sewer line work, consider that company’s reputation, warranty, surface restoration, customer service, and more. In fact, we have an entire page devoted to the questions you should ask. We feel that we at APEX provide the best value because, though our prices are not always the cheapest, they are competitive while offering a sterling reputation for over 35 years, a 5-year unconditional fully-transferable warranty, full surface restoration, stellar customer service, and more. Your water or sewer line will be in use every day, so make sure the company you choose is highly experienced and stands behind their work.
How do I get an estimate?
  • Please call our office at (303) 215-1348 and one of our receptionists will direct your inquiry to one of our estimators who will call you to set up the estimate.
Do I have to be home for the estimate?
  • Often, sewer line estimates can be done just off of the available information and locate marks. Water lines usually require us to go inside the house to see where the water line enters the home. So while you do not necessarily need to be home, there are times when arrangements will need to be made for us to have access.

About the Work:

How much does it cost?
  • This varies depending on several factors including line depth, location, access, landscape/concrete/asphalt/etc., jurisdiction/permits, and local codes. At APEX, we can estimate your project at no cost, usually within 24 hours.
How long will it take?
  • Most residential repairs and replacements can be done in 1-3 days, of course depending on the scope of the work and if there is access for large equipment (backhoes) or if it must be hand-dug.
Will I be out of service while you work?
  • Sewer and water lines cannot be used while they’re being repaired. At APEX, we work to minimize downtime and to get you back in service as quickly as possible. Service interruptions can be kept to within a few hours, many times while our customers are at work.
Can my job be done using trenchless technology?
  • We look to use trenchless technology as often as we can so as to minimize the impact on your landscape. However, there are a few exceptions. We cannot use trenchless if there are an excessive number of turns in the line (rare) or if your line has a low area that holds water, often referred to as a “belly.”

After the Work:

What will it look like when you’re done?
  • We strive to leave the job site looking as close to original condition as possible. To see our work, click here.
Will I have to hire someone to replace my landscaping after the job?
  • In most cases, no. Certain circumstances including custom colored concrete or a tree that had to be removed to perform the work cannot be replaced. In cases like these, we do our best to explain what we can and cannot do in replacing the landscape and it will be outlined on the proposal. However, outside of these extenuating circumstances, APEX can and will replace your landscaping.


Where all do you work?
  • Our work areas include everywhere as far north as Loveland, as far south as Castle Rock, as far west as Evergreen, and as far east as Keenesburg. If it is in the Denver Metro area, we will work there. For a complete list of where we work, click here.


Is there a warranty on the work?
  • Yes! We offer a 5-year unconditional and fully-transferrable warranty on all of our work, the best warranty in the business. The warranty covers any part of the job that we performed including any excavation or pipework.
What does fully transferrable mean?
  • We categorize our jobs by addresses, not customers. This means each 5-year warranty is attached to that address. Even if the house is sold 10 different times, the warranty will simply continue to transfer to the new owner again and again for up to five years.


What all payments do you accept?
  • We accept cash, check, money order, and all major credit cards except American Express.
When is payment due?
  • For homeowners, we ask for half-down before the job begins and then the rest upon completion.


Are you licensed and insured to do this work?
  • Yes, we have been licensed with the State of CO and fully insured for the past three and a half decades.
Do you have the ability to communicate in Spanish?
  • Yes, we have a bilingual receptionist and our crew leaders can also communicate in Spanish.

If there is a question you would like to ask that you do not see listed, please feel free to contact us.

For other important information, see our ‘Resources’ tab above including our ‘How to Evaluate a Sewer Line Video‘ page and our ‘Common Terms’ page.

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