Did you know March 14th – 20th is the EPA’s annual Fix a Leak Week? According to the EPA’s article on it, events happen from coast to coast during this week to teach people how to find and fix household leaks. The article states, “The average household’s leaks can account for nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year and ten percent of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons or more per day.” If you don’t believe this, just calculate how much water your household uses per day on average. The numbers might surprise you. To combat the loss due to leaks, the EPA created Fix a Leak Week to shine a light on the amount of water being lost. To help, the EPA provides “Fix a Leak Week At Home Activity” if you’re interested in seeing how you might be able to help. Whether you look at potential environmental concerns due to waste or to the possible home damage that can be done or even to the issue of an increase in your water bill, leaking pipes can be a disaster all around. This week is about bringing awareness to this issue in an attempt to take action.

When it comes to leaky pipes, most are easily noticeable and can often be fixed on your own. However, while focusing on leaks during Fix a Leak Week, it’s important to remember the less noticeable ones: underground leaks. Water lines can be damaged through shifting ground, freezing leading to bursts, and even corrosion. These problems are not near as apparent, but they still wreak havoc on your water bill and can leave a lake in your beautiful lawn. Unfortunately, these leaks are more difficult to fix and can’t be remedied by running to your local hardware store and picking up a few parts. They require specialized plumbers who work on underground plumbing. Apex Plumbing has been specializing in underground water and sewer repairs and replacements for over 35 years! Let this Fix a Leak Week be a reminder of the damage and waste that leaks can cause, both above and below ground. If you are experiencing issues with your water line, contact Apex (the underground guys) today!

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