With the most recent cold front that moved through CO this last weekend, most of Denver was hit with at least 4” of snow and temperatures that got down into the teens. Though that was the most snow we’ve had this winter, the Denver Metro area has had some seriously cold days and nights in the past few months and I’m sure we will have more in the upcoming months. We in Denver aren’t the only ones facing cold spells in the U.S. Over New Year’s holiday, nearly the entire country saw some of the coldest temps they’ve seen in a while.

An unfortunate effect of this weather is pipes freezing and breaking. Do a simple Google search of the word “plumbing” and click on the ‘News’ section of Google and you will see several articles from news sources all over the country about safeguarding your home from frozen pipes. I would encourage every homeowner to become familiar with ways to keep your pipes from freezing to prevent expensive and frustrating outcomes. These ways include keeping your garage door closed, opening kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors, wrapping insulation around exposed pipes, putting an insulation blanket on the water heater, turning off the water supply to sprinkler pipes, and more. Burst pipes can cause all sorts of problems, the most obvious of which is flooding, which can result in thousands of dollars of damage. You can find more tips to prevent frozen pipes here and here.

Though the majority of major frozen pipe problems come from above ground pipes, sometimes those forgotten lines well underneath the ground can crack due to a freeze. Fixing issues like this requires more than your average plumber. It requires plumbers who specialize in underground work and sewer repair or water line replacement. This is where we at APEX Plumbing come in. For over 30 years, we have been working on wet utilities under the surface and are highly qualified to repair or replace any water or sewer line. If you are experiencing issues after this recent cold spell or should you experience problems in the future, call APEX at (303) 215-1348 and we would be happy to provide you with a FREE estimate!

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