If you’re like me, you love flying on planes and love the anticipation of getting to your destination. Although I’ve never been on a flight that’s been forced to turn around, I figure that’s one of the worst feelings. Not only is the anticipation put on hold, but there also might be a tendency to freak out in thinking something must be wrong. There are actually quite a lot of reasons for flights to turn around, many of which are weird. But a recent USA Today article reported on a flight turning around mid-flight for a pretty funny reason. Shortly after departing Oslo Airport for a two-hour trip to Munich, the Norwegian plane was forced to turn around at the Swedish border because the toilets were out of order. What makes this funny? The flight had around 85 plumbers on board going to a trade show in Munich. Of course, the problem could only be remedied from underneath the plane, but the irony of the plane turning around, especially for that reason with so many plumbers on board, is too funny. As ironic as that is, I think there is a similarity between that plane and real life.

Though plumbers can work on toilets, many can’t fix what is underneath the surface. This is where Apex comes in. Known as “the underground guys,” we fix what traditional plumbers can’t. Water, sewer, and fire lines require special equipment to dig them up and, in turn, that equipment requires men with experience to operate them. Our crews have several decades of combined experience. Just like with the plane, sometimes plumbers can get into a job and realize they can’t fully fix the issue and must get help to fix what is underneath. If your plumber informs you that you need an underground plumbing expert to perform a sewer repair, call Apex today! We offer FREE estimates and a fully-transferable 5-YEAR Warranty!

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