The 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) recently took place in Las Vegas. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, this electronics bonanza showcases the newest tech including new concept cars, phones, tablets, kitchen appliances, robots, home entertainment systems, and more. For the techy, this is probably his/her favorite time of the year with all the new gadgets intended to inspire a desire for the future to just arrive already. On the flip side, though all of these inventions and updates to existing technologies are meant to simplify life, they still somehow seem to complicate it at the same time. On a personal note, why is spending thousands of dollars on something like a clothing folding machine or smart vacuum worth it when a solid 10 minutes of effort would accomplish your goal and keep your wallet fuller? It makes no sense to me, but I digress. So what does this have to do with plumbing? Why is a blog on an underground plumbing site talking about the Consumer Electronics Show? Because of these.

Weren’t we just talking about spending thousands on questionably necessary items? You didn’t think you needed a smart toilet capable of blasting music or talking to Alexa, did you? Apparently, in the future, you’ll be spending $7,000 so you can talk to your toilet while doing your business because having your phone (with Siri or Cortana) just won’t be enough. As though we needed one more reason to prolong our time on the toilet, right? Though, I will say, I could get used to in-bowl sanitization and heated seats!

Things may drastically change for us in the future concerning our plumbing, but one thing remains certain: No matter how smart toilets get, it’s what is underground that allows them to work. In other words, whether or not these u-bends can be connected to wifi, they’ll always need to be connected to sewer lines. Whether or not they can forecast the weather when you ask, they (probably) can’t forecast when the roots of your tree in your front yard will seep into the cracks of your sewer, thus rendering your new smart toilet useless. Though we don’t install or repair toilets, we at Apex will make sure your smart toilet can continue to flush by installing, repairing, or replacing your sewer line when needed. Do you have a broken, cracked, or leaking sewer line rendering your toilet useless? Call the experts for your FREE estimate. Contact Apex today!

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