Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Have you ever been to someone’s house and been surprised to see their plumbing workarounds like duct taped pipes or buckets put under leaky areas? In a recent Reader’s Digest article, they showcased 34 nightmarish plumbing issues seen by plumbers throughout the years and you may have seen a few of these yourself. Whether it be patching up leaks, odd placement of toilets, too many PVC fittings, exposed pipes that could be tripped over, undealt with rusted through lines, or more, it’s easy to see the lengths people go to in order to avoid paying a professional to fix their plumbing issues. After all, it can be expensive and time consuming when a simple loop or two of duct tape will “fix” the issue, right? Why not DIY? Unfortunately, these “fixes” can lead to bigger issues like water damage, mold, and more. It is certainly entertaining to see these plumbing mess ups, and some of these may even work fine for a time. However, there is a certain type of plumbing you can’t exactly patch up yourself.

Underground plumbing issues are unfortunate and costly because no amount of self-determination and ingenuity can fix a broken or bellied sewer line. Though patchwork jobs may work for your kitchen sink issues, those important underground sewer lines cannot be duct taped enough. The process is far too involved. Renting a backhoe, learning to use it, digging up your sewer line, cutting it, replacing it with the right pipe and the right fittings, backfilling the hole, and restoring the surface to the original condition is usually a bit beyond one’s personal ability. In those cases, you have to call the experts. Luckily, APEX has been serving the Denver Metro area for over 30 years and has performed thousands of underground sewer line repairs and water line replacements. We know every stage of the job and strive to leave it looking as though we were never even there. Our commitment to quality and customer service has helped to set us apart and make us the premier expert in the Denver area. Need an underground plumbing expert? Call us today!

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