I’m always intrigued when I look up “National Days” on Google. If you are ever bored or need a laugh or two, check out what is being celebrated each day. Did you know that in the month of April so far we have celebrated National Chocolate Mousse Day (4/3), National Unicorn Day (4/9), National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day (4/16), and many more? Well, it just so happens that today, April 25th, is National Hug a Plumber Day! This might be our favorite as even our hard working, sweaty, and sometimes muddy underground plumbers need a hug. How this came to be a National Day I have no idea. Even after specifically researching its origins, it seems no one really knows exactly how or when it started. However, though we can’t necessarily answer how or when, it’s important to understand why. Of all the jobs in the world, why do plumbers get this “holiday”?

Take a moment and consider all of the things that we currently have due to plumbers. Did you take a shower this morning? You can thank a plumber. Have you used the restroom and then washed your hands? On both counts, you can thank a plumber. Done any laundry or dishes recently? You may not want to thank them for making these chores possible, but we’re grateful for the ability nonetheless. So much of our life revolves around what plumbers provide. Do you really need to hug your plumber? Honestly, that might get more than a little awkward. However, the principle behind it still stands: thankfulness. Their work is dirty and not always fun, but they still get the job done and that deserves some recognition.

We at Apex are underground plumbers. We specialize in sewer repair and water line replacement, so we don’t exactly fix sinks and toilets. Instead, we ensure the underground pipes running to them are in working order. Our work often goes unnoticed as it is more “behind the scenes” than the work of traditional plumbers. However, we believe the services we provide make their jobs possible. We love playing a big role in the plumbing industry and hope to provide service worthy of a hug for years to come.


If you find yourself in need of a sewer repair, water line replacement, or any other underground wet utilities need, contact us today!

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