Did you see this recent story coming out of Texas about 165,000 homes going without water for two days? It was also covered in multiple other places like here and here. Imagine living in Odessa, TX in the dead of summer and going two days without drinking water. No thanks. The high temperatures for those days were 100º and 98º respectively. Once again, no thanks. It was all due to a 24-inch water main breaking. According to Odessa Mayor Javier Joven, crews were unable to isolate the source of the break, forcing them to take the city’s water treatment plant offline. Sadly, and somewhat hilariously, the city sent out a mandate for their residents to boil their water to avoid any harmful bacteria. It’s kinda tough to boil what you don’t have. However, for a few who still had some water in the area, the notice was helpful as there were reports of brown water coming out of the faucets. Fortunately, according to this article, hospitals and nursing facilities were sent emergency water supplies. After two days, the underground plumbing crews were able to repair the break, and the water treatment plant was able to run tests to ensure the safety of the water.

It’s at times like those where underground plumbers are given their day to shine. Most people don’t think about the work people like Apex do. Many fail to realize that every time they turn their faucet handle and water comes it’s due to underground plumbing crews who installed the water lines and who maintain and repair them. They forget, that is, until 165,000 of them go without water for two full days in the dead of summer in Texas. We are so grateful those crews were able to get that fixed and get people their water back. Maybe take a moment to be thankful for an underground plumber and for fresh running water. We may be in the industry, but we’re very grateful for underground plumbers all over the world who, on a moment’s notice, jump in to get things running again. Apex Plumbing provides emergency services for this very reason. You never know when disaster will strike, and we want to be there to give the people what they need. If you are in need of underground plumbing, contact us today! If you are not in need, please still join us in taking a moment to focus on our gratitude for those men and women who got water back to our fellow Americans in Texas.

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