If you’ve ever been through Montana, you’ve probably stopped by Yellowstone National Park and seen the beautiful mountains and various wild animals. More than scenery and animals, if there’s one thing the park is known for it’s their geysers, specifically Old Faithful. Called Old Faithful due to its eruptions at regular intervals, this geyser can shoot anywhere from 3,700 to 8,400 gallons of boiling water to a height of up to 185 feet. Eruptions can last from 1.5 to 5 minutes. This is an unbelievable natural wonder, but have you ever wondered how it works? Where does the water come from? What exactly is going on underground that would cause 8,400 gallons of water to burst from the ground with such force? For the first time ever, scientists from the U.S. and Denmark are looking to map out the plumbing system under the geyser to see how it works.

Starting this month, scientists will conduct helicopter flights over Old Faithful. According to the Denver Post, the helicopter will have a giant electromagnetic system attached to the bottom that will essentially x-ray the ground to determine where and how hot water flows beneath the surface. This survey of the hydrothermal plumbing could help us understand natural underground plumbing better than ever before.

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