sewer connection, often referred to as a sewer tap, refers to the place where a building’s sanitary sewer system connects to a city or municipality sewer system.

The City of Denver video-inspects city main sewer lines on an ongoing basis. They are looking for cracks, breaks, and disconnected private lateral lines that may be leaking into the ground and possibly making its way to our rivers, streams, and lakes. If a broken, cracked, or disconnected sewer tap is found, the homeowner is delivered a letter giving them 25 days to correct the problem.

If you have received the “city letter,” (or even if you haven’t) Apex Plumbing can guide you through the sewer tap repair process. We offer free written estimates, multi-tap discounts, and a finished product that meets or exceeds local and national codes and industry standards. We have extensive experience working with local municipalities for sewer line repairs. Our work is covered with a 5-year fully transferable warranty and we have been repairing sewer and water lines in the Denver Metro area since 1985!



  1. Video inspect and locate the sewer line
  2. Obtain permits
  3. Remove asphalt and/or concrete
  4. Excavate the tap
  5. Replace the existing tap
  6. Obtain city inspection(s)
  7. Restore the surface to original condition


Service Highlights
  • We provide highly trained and experienced crews on all job sites
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We obtain the necessary permits and inspections for tap repair
  • We excavate to the tap as well as handle its repair and/or replacement
  • We remove and replace concrete, asphalt, and landscaping as needed
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