Over the past 30 years, APEX Plumbing has become a leader in excavation and underground plumbing services along Colorado’s Front Range. A specialty trade, underground wet utility excavation and plumbing requires experienced equipment operators and crews to excavate around existing utilities, buildings, and landscaping in order to perform repairs. Our crews are highly trained and ready to provide excellent plumbing excavation services. We make it a priority to maintain safe and efficient working environments that result in minimal impact on our customer’s property.



  • We provide trained and experienced crews on all job sites
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We are well equipped to work in wide open areas as well as tight spaces
  • We offer exterior AND interior subsurface plumbing excavation services
  • We install, repair, replace, move, or remove underground plumbing
  • We provide surface restoration services – including concrete, asphalt, and landscape removal and replacement



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APEX Plumbing – the leading provider of water and sewer line underground plumbing for Colorado’s Front Range!

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