I’m a giant fan of new tech. The CES show in Las Vegas every year is always interesting because it shows what the future may hold for us as consumers. As technology continues to blow our minds every few years with something truly amazing, you realize how much tech is used to make our lives more convenient. One of the biggest areas we see this in is that of the delivery of goods. Domino’s has a self-driving pizza cart. Most delivery vehicles from Amazon, UPS, and even some from USPS are going electric. Amazon Prime gave us 2-day shipping, which was just incredible…before they started delivering packages by drones in under an hour. A recent article on thespoon.tech shined the spotlight on the new possibility for super-fast and eco-friendly delivery system: underground pipes. According to the article, a new tech startup called Pipedream Labs is envisioning a future filled with underground pipes that can send anything from Amazon packages to fast food orders. The pipes could send the goods at speeds up to 75 mph. Packages would be sent to kiosks, but the plan is for each consumer to eventually have a portal in their home that could receive orders.

As leaders in the underground plumbing industry in Denver, we know quite a bit about putting pipes in the ground as we do it multiple times every day. Having this technology would be quite interesting and convenient, but it doesn’t seem very feasible. We work with cities and municipalities daily, and just thinking about the permitting and inspections required to put in an underground system like this makes our heads spin. Underground excavation comes with unique challenges as they would have to avoid gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, power lines, internet lines and, in some cases, fiber. It would certainly be an amazing accomplishment if they can pull it off, but we’re skeptical of it on a city-wide level. Who knows, maybe they would contract us to do the excavation as we already know the pipe installation process. What are your thoughts? Do you think it can be done? Would you get a portal in your home if it became a reality? Let us know in the comments on our social media!

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