With this new age of technology, it is hard to get kids and young adults to be interested in trades like plumbing and carpentry these days. Technology is new, fascinating, and all-consuming in the 21st century. The trades can seem old, boring, and dirty. As is often the case with white and blue-collar work, the trades and technology can seem opposed to one another or are certainly not prone to mixing. However, as time goes by, the two are beginning to mix. This is seen in technological advancements being made in industries like plumbing and carpentry along with new advancements in learning trades. A recent Newsday article reports that men and women in New York are now able to study online to receive their Journeyman’s card. This is done through the ‘Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association e-Learning Apprenticeship Academy.’ As has been previously written on in our blog, Long Island is facing a shortage of plumbers, so this new online program may be the answer. Who knew that technology could be the answer for the trades when it itself is one of the biggest reasons for the struggle?

As for underground plumbing, we at APEX are always looking for ways to utilize technology to make our services better. Whether it be using technology for Trenchless sewer line repairs, making training videos to teach our crews, having a custom-built database to help run our operations, having a ‘Resources‘ tab on our website to help customers, or using FaceTime to communicate in real time to solve problems, we understand the role technology can play in our trade. Sewer line repairs and water line replacements are not exactly glamorous jobs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be done in new and even revelatory ways.


However, we at APEX run into the same issue that those in Long Island have – there is a lack of interest in doing plumbing work. We are searching for pipe layers, backhoe operators, concrete finishers, Class A CDL drivers, and more. If you are interested in working for a family-owned business in an underground sewer line repairs company that comes with great benefits, highly competitive pay, holiday and vacation pay, a positive working environment, etc. then consider joining our team by applying here! And if you need our underground plumbing services, contact us today!

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