I remember while growing up hearing the phrase “Everyone makes mistakes.” This typically was stated after an accidental small-scale mistake like spilling a drink or forgetting to take the trash out. However, there were times my parents would tell me, “There are mistakes you just don’t make.” These were mess ups on a grander scale like seriously hurting a sibling by rough housing or breaking an important family heirloom by playing sports in the house. The natural life consequences of these mistakes were much greater than simply spilling your glass of milk because these problems usually cost someone something. As I grew into an adult, the “mistakes you don’t make” category seemed to grow because now I could drive and work a job and get married and such. My responsibilities grew tenfold as did the seriousness of messing up. If I made an error at my job, the consequences could be severe for not just me, but for others as well.

Such was the case with American Constructors, who made a “mistake you just don’t make.” In a recent news article from just outside of Nashville, TN, the Brentwood Library discovered that for nearly a decade they had been dumping raw sewage mere feet from streams and walking paths. How is that possible? In 2009, while undergoing new construction, American Constructors accidentally connected the library’s restroom plumbing lines to the storm drainage system instead of the sewer lines. The library’s storm drainage system dumps out at the back of the library near a creek that empties into a prominent river. Though the city claims they tested the creek and found no sewage from the library inside it, they weren’t sure if any was found outside the water along the creek bed. Fortunately, the bathrooms from the new addition with the improper plumbing have been closed and the city has hired a new contractor to repair the mistake immediately.

Everyone makes mistakes, but there are some mistakes you just cannot make. Errors are costly, many times in ways other than financially. This shows the importance of hiring a plumbing contractor who is both experienced and licensed, bonded, and insured. Here at APEX, we’ve been around for over 30 years in the underground plumbing business and have hundreds of years of combined experience. We are also fully licensed, bonded, and insured, helping to give our customers the peace of mind that we are qualified to do their job. We understand that no one is perfect, which is why we completely stand behind our work by offering a 5-year warranty on every one of our jobs. Don’t let someone else make a costly mistake on your job with work they won’t stand behind. Hire the experienced professionals by calling APEX today!

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