In a recent article from a small-town New England publication, the writer warned of illegal activity that had been taking place in Queen Anne’s County, MD. Was it theft, violence or possibly gang related? No, but this illegal activity takes place all over the country, is often not cared about, and regularly goes unnoticed. However, it has the potential for disaster. What is it? Performing plumbing without a license. I’m sure that seems pretty tame compared to other illegal activity, Still, this is illegal for a reason. Hiring someone that is unlicensed is risky business. Licensed plumbers work on water distribution and drainage systems. Failure to properly handle, install, and repair these systems can cause exposure to toxic substances, which can have serious, even fatal, health consequences. Licensed plumbers work on gas lines in and around the home or structure. You know what failure in that area can cause. They also work on fixtures, piping, and connections that can leak or backup causing thousands of dollars in damage. If they’re not licensed, they most likely aren’t insured, meaning it will be virtually impossible for you to collect for the repairs short of taking legal action. In our line of work, there are still those who perform underground plumbing work without a license. If they’re willing to cut corners there, it begs the question: where else are they willing to cut corners? Will they charge you thousands of dollars only to do poor work they won’t stand behind? Will they be OSHA compliant or have lax safety standards? Cave ins can and do happen and uninsured underground plumbers who are hoping to make a quick buck and cut corners may not be prepared. The last thing anyone (especially homeowners or businesses) wants is for a worker to be injured or die on their job. Once again, there’s a reason it is illegal to practice without a license. Inexperienced and unlicensed plumbers may be cheaper due to their lower cost to operate, but in the end, it has the potential to cost you much more.

At Apex, we are fully licensed and insured in every city in the Denver Metro area. We provide regular OSHA trainings for our crews and make safety a top priority. We have built our business of 33 years on excellent work and outstanding customer service. When you hire us for your project, rest assured you won’t be getting some fly-by-night company that is looking to cut corners. We take pride in our work and in our reputation. Next time you have a sewer repair, water line replacement, or any other underground wet utilities need, contact Apex Plumbing! You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you have Denver’s biggest and best water and sewer line repair company at your service, fully licensed and insured.

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