Questions to Ask When Choosing a Sewer Company

We understand getting your sewer repaired or water line replaced can be a difficult process. Many times, you receive multiple bids for the project and are left with several questions. Is there any difference in the work being performed by the business whose bid was $500 more on a $6,000 project? Does experience matter in this line of work? To help, here’s a list of questions to ask of each company when making your decision:

How experienced is this company?
  • If a company’s experience is still being established, encountering the many variables in this line of work can catch some contractors off guard. It’s important to have full confidence in the company you choose, no matter what your job may present.
  • Apex has nearly 40 years of experience and is the largest wet utilities repair contractor in Colorado. Being around for this long, our skill and execution of our work continues to be enhanced with each passing year. We are confident in our ability to handle any obstacle on any job.
Are they licensed to work in your city and do they obtain all proper permits?
  • One way to keep the price low for customers is to skip licenses and permits. Unfortunately, this is a tactic used by companies in and around Denver so they can offer a low price. However, these are unethical business practices and can be dangerous.
  • Apex is licensed to work in every city in the Denver Metro area and obtains all necessary permits on every job we perform.
Is this company fully insured for the work they are performing?
  • Yet another way to cut costs is to skip insurance. However, once again, this is unethical and dangerous. Should someone from the company get hurt on your job site, you may open yourself up to liability.
  • Apex is fully bonded and insured for every type of work we perform any time we step onto a job site.
Is this business in compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards?
  • A company who does not prioritize safety may be able to get the job done faster and, consequently, cheaper. It takes time to set up proper shoring in each trench, to make sure each person is wearing all the proper protective equipment at all times while working, and to make sure there are no unsafe areas around the job site.
  • Apex puts safety first every time. All our crews are OSHA trained and compliant and have regular safety trainings. And, while prioritizing safety, we are still able to get the job done efficiently, on time, and for a competitive price.
Will this company provide proper compaction?
  • Without proper compaction, your yard might develop a large low spot or sinkhole after receiving a rainfall. This is because after a sewer repair or water line replacement is performed, the ground still has to settle. Companies can easily shave time by merely dumping dirt back in the hole without compacting as they backfill. In cases such as this, you hope they are committed to fixing their error.
  • Apex makes sure proper compaction is done on every job and our crews undergo specific training on how to compact and why it is of utmost importance. We also honor our warranty up to 5 years which includes correcting any possible sinking issues.
Will they restore the surface after finishing my job?
  • In this industry, it is not uncommon for homeowners to be left with a very messy and unfinished yard after the sewer company finishes their work.
  • Apex works hard to restore the surface to the best of our ability. Your yard will undergo quite an upheaval in most cases. For more information on what takes place during our work, please visit our ‘What To Expect‘ page. However, we will do our very best to restore it to its original condition. Just see some of our work!
Does this business warranty their work and how good is the warranty?
  • If a company has been in business for only a few years, has the quality of their work and the honoring of their warranty been properly tested through many years of doing business?
  • We at Apex have a proud reputation of standing behind our work. We provide a fully-transferable 5-year warranty and have been offering it since the 80s.
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