Apex Plumbing is an extremely honest and professional company. I would HIGHLY recommend using them to repair your sewer lines. I have lived in the same house for 20+ years and every other year I have had my sewer lines scoped and the roots cleaned out. Several times these plumbing companies have given me estimates to replace my sewer lines for a minimum cost of $12,000. Finally, this year I decided to have my sewer lines fixed. I called Apex Plumbing because of their high rating with the BBB. It cost $150.00 to scope my line and their proposal included fixing only a 5-foot portion of my sewer line at a cost of $2770.00. They did find another circular crack in the area where my line ties in with the city line, which could be fixed at a cost of $4,500.00 (the estimate was much higher because of the permits required because of the integration with the city’s sewer line). However, they said it was not something I needed to fix right away.
In addition to Apex Plumbing proposing to fix only what was needed, their employees were professional and accommodating to our requests to limit the scope of the demolition of our basement floor to minimize the number of floor tiles to replace. Furthermore, they were amazingly patient and tolerant with the city inspectors whose demeaning behavior was completely unacceptable as witnessed by myself and my husband. Great company, great service, great price!!!!


I compared prices of a lot of the major names around the ares. They are the best because there are no middle men. They do a wonderful job. Fast, considerate and will follow up if something isn’t correct. I recommend them to anyone with issues.


While blowing out our sprinkler system we discovered that our underground sprinkler shut off valve was leaking. I called a number of sprinkler companies and plumbers that claimed to work on sprinkler systems. Most never even returned my call, or told me “sorry, our crews are only doing blowouts right now and not taking on repair work”. Meanwhile, our valve is leaking inches away from our foundation. Apex however, was super responsive and courteous. We did have to schedule the work about 2 weeks out, but that seemed more than reasonable. They knew that I wanted this done ASAP, and they actually slotted me in a day earlier than what we scheduled when a slot opened up on their end. Their crew was here on time, and had the job done and cleaned up before noon. This job required a MASSIVE hole to be dug, and they left the area looking perfect when it was all said and done. The office and crew had great communication throughout and every one of them followed covid mask protocols. Apex is awesome. This sort of plumbing repair is always a hard one to swallow. It’s not something one can ignore, and it isn’t a cheap fix. So it takes a great experience with a great company to come out the other side of it satisfied, and Apex provided that. Thanks!


I had an Apex employee at my front door within 24 hours of calling. The good service began with Rachel who asked me many questions in order to figure out what type of problem I had. Juan was the plumber who roto-rootered our sewer pipe. When the machine was not able to cut through tree roots, Juan located another one that really did the job. Truly, wonderful service. Above and beyond. Honest and capable employees. A company I’d use again and would highly recommend to anyone!


Very responsive and quick and getting my parents sewer replaced. Talked through every step of the process and did amazing work for much less than others quoted us for. Jack specifically went above and beyond making sure my parents sewer was completely replaced and identified that their secondary line needed cleaning as well. Will definitely use them for future plumbing needs.


Great crew that absolutely knew what they were doing in repairing a sewer line for me.  They were quick, thorough and very courteous.  They came back to do a little extra cleanup that I requested.  I would highly recommend them.


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