Did you see the green ooze coming out of the sewers in New York City recently? With the floods overwhelming their sewers and kids climbing through the sewers, New York has certainly been in the news regarding underground plumbing. This most recent story comes from last week when New Yorkers spotted green water and sludge coming up from the sewer. Tourists and residents alike were, of course, baffled by and worried about the liquid, though many of the city’s residents walked by without any sign of fear or curiosity. And as with any green sludge coming up from the sewers, you do have to wonder if there were any pizza-loving turtles nearby. One can only hope since NYC could certainly use some crime-fighting turtles. In reality, the National Park Service reported that it was merely dye used to help scientists “visualize how water moves from one place to another.” Radioactive ooze sounds cooler though.

 We at Apex have been working on the sewers in Denver for nearly 40 years, and we have yet to come across green sludge. However, we will certainly keep our eyes open as we continue to do sewer repairs around the metro area. In New York, many of the local businesses had no idea what it was. It might have been a good idea for the city to let local businesses and residents know they would be testing the sewers. We let all our customers know what to expect from our jobs when we perform sewer repairs. In fact, we even have a page just so you aren’t left in the dark about what we are doing. If you have green ooze coming up from your sewer or any other issue related to your underground plumbing, make sure to contact Apex today!

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