Sewer lines are a lot like a car’s engine. They are both vitally important and help things run as they should, but due to their placement they both embody the “out of sight, out of mind” mantra. You don’t really think about your engine too much until something bad happens. Every morning, most of us go out to our cars, turn them on, and expect them to turn on just fine. Likewise, every time you flush your toilet, you expect the sewage and the water to go where it’s supposed to go. The sewer line you never think about is the best kind of sewer line.

The comparisons don’t stop there though. What do you do when the engine starts making funny noises? If you’re like me, you pop the hood of the car and look down at the engine pretending to know what you’re looking at. Seeing that nothing major is missing and there’s no smoke rising from a specific part of the engine I quickly realize I’m out of my depth and need to call a mechanic. Similarly, when you start experiencing sewer problems, you may check a few key places in the home or look in the tank of the toilet to see if there are any glaring problems, but it’s probably best to call a professional who can tell you what’s actually wrong.

Well maintained engines in certain cars can run for a few hundred thousand miles so you won’t have to service them very often. Likewise, well maintained sewers that aren’t having copious amounts of grease or “flushable” wipes flushed down them should last for a long time. However, just like with cars, crazy things can happen even to new sewer lines. You want to have a trusted name working on one of the most important parts of your house. If you choose correctly, as a homeowner you should not have to deal with sewer issues often. However, just as with a bad mechanic, bad sewer repair companies are the gift that keeps on giving. One problem can turn into multiple, costing you thousands more than you initially planned on. At Apex, we have highly trained and OSHA-compliant crews who strive to do the job right the first time. And if anything goes wrong, we also warranty our work for five years. We’ve been around for nearly 40 years and are one of the most trusted names in Denver for underground plumbing. So we may know nothing about car engines, but we can certainly help you with all your sewer repair needs. If you’re in need, contact Apex today for a free estimate!

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