Most people know a thing or two about traditional plumbing. Many know what’s under the lid of their toilet and how to fix the trap if it is staying open. Some are familiar with what’s under their sink and might even own a few tools to fix it if it starts leaking. But when it comes to underground plumbing, most people have no clue what’s down below or how exactly it works. Then, when it breaks or something goes wrong, they might google their problem and call a few companies. Because they most likely know nothing of underground plumbing, they might believe a few myths, or as I like to say, untruisms.

It’s best to understand these myths before this happens to you. To help, we have created a 3-part blog series on several different myths surrounding sewer and water line repairs. For our series, we borrowed some from this Philadelphia website that has a great breakdown of underground plumbing work. We’ve also added a few myths to the list we’ve run across in our 34 years of business. For any further questions about our work or any untruisms you might have run across, please let us know by commenting below or contacting us!

In this first post, we start with myth #1 people believe about getting their sewer repaired: Insurance will always cover it. This website gives fantastic detail of what will and will not be covered. To sum up the article, unless you have specifically purchased an add-on to your policy for sewer line repairs (which some policies do not even offer) or unless your sewer was damaged by something outside your control like lightning or an explosion, your homeowners insurance will not cover it. That means if your sewer backs up, your line is broken, there is an offset, roots in the line, etc., your insurance will deem it as “preventable” or at least not their problem. The website in the link directly above lists a couple of options for insurance should you be interested. If you are not covered, just be aware that you will be responsible for paying for any sewer or water line repair or replacement.

Luckily, we at Apex work hard to keep our prices low and affordable while still offering superior service. When you choose Apex, you don’t just get a hole dug and a pipe repaired. You get our 34 years of experience, our amazing customer service from start to finish, proper compaction and backfilling to ensure no sinkholes, sod replacement to the best of our ability, and a 5-year fully transferable warranty. Insurance may not cover your repair, but you can rest assured that when you hire Apex you are paying for peace of mind. So if you are in need, contact us today! In our next blog post, we will examine the next two common sewer myths people believe.

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