How much do you know about water and sewer line repairs and replacements? If you are like the majority of people, you probably don’t know much beyond the fact that one takes water into your house and one takes gray water and sewage out. In our last blog post, we introduced this 3-part series of common myths people believe about underground plumbing because it is quite easy to believe myths or untruisms when you know little about a subject matter. The first myth we looked at was that insurance will always cover the cost.

The second myth is similar to the first in that it has to do with who is responsible for the repair or replacement. Myth #2 is that the utility department is responsible for the cost of the repair, not the homeowner. In some cases, the city will get involved, but in the overwhelming majority of cases, the homeowner is responsible for their sewer line up to the main in the street. As in the case of several people in the Denver area, you may receive a letter from the city stating you must replace your lead water line or you must repair your tap. In these cases, the city does not pay for the repair. If you have received a letter like this, call us and we will provide a free estimate!
The Denver Metro area is growing unbelievably fast, and with that comes new housing developments. You may even own a home in a new development. If so, you might believe our third myth: “My home is new so my water and sewer lines are fine.” Unfortunately, over our 35 years of business, we have come across many new homes that lack quality underground plumbing. On one occasion, we came across a brand new home whose sewer line never got connected to the main so raw sewage was spilling out into the ground, causing a sinkhole in the yard. The builder contracted a cheap plumbing company who did not know what they were doing. New builds do not necessarily mean perfect underground plumbing. Before buying a home (no matter how new), always get the sewer line scoped to make sure it does not have any malfunctions.

In the last blog of our series, we’ll wrap it up by looking at three more common myths. If you are having issues with your sewer or water line, contact us today! We have been serving the Denver Metro area and have provided well over 10,000 repairs or replacements. Call for your free estimate!

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