The subject of sewers may not fascinate the average person, but occasionally you run across a story about sewers that is so crazy it must be shared. Such is the case with a recent story out of Burley, ID. I’ve never heard of Burley, ID in my life until coming upon this story about a former mayor of the town who is accusing the city of dealing more favorably with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, thus showing religious bias. On December 15th, the former Burley mayor, Jon Anderson, and his attorney wrote a letter to the city. According to this article, “The letter contended the city violated the state Constitution by entering into a development agreement with the non-taxpaying church and nearby landowners to share the cost of extending water and sewer lines to the site of the LDS Temple and by allowing the church to grant a sole vendor to bid out the work for all owners.” The article continues by saying sewer infrastructure will initially provide service to 700 acres and more in the future. About 1,500 homes are planned in the area around the temple, with the actual number depending on lot sizes. In other words, this is a huge break for the LDS Church based on the city’s decision. Installing water and sewer and all the fees associated with the work can be quite costly, especially if done by the wrong company. Who would have thought that water and sewer would end up in the middle of an entire town’s legal battle? It just goes to show that bias comes in all forms, even with something as simple as the choice of who gets to install a sewer line.

At Apex, we install, repair, and replace over one thousand water and sewer lines throughout a given year. We are in our 38th year as a business, all our laborers are OSHA trained and compliant, and we are 100% employee owned. When it comes to helping someone choose who should install their water and/or sewer line, we prefer to let our credentials speak for themselves. Whether religious bias took place in Idaho or not, we may never know. We certainly aren’t the judges in this case. Regardless, religious affiliation is a poor reason to choose a company to work on your underground wet utilities. Choose it based on experience, safety, value, and customer service. We strive to be the very best in Denver in each of those areas. If you are in need of a water line replacement or sewer line repair or an underground wet utilities installation, contact us today! Give us the opportunity to make you biased toward Apex and our top-notch service.

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