No, this is not a blog about a cool new band, though The Forgotten Underground does sound like a great band name. As usual, I’ve been keeping up with all things ‘underground’ on Google to find blog material. Recently, I’ve seen articles like this and this popping up. They tell of a forgotten underground world that was abandoned or simply built over. If you’re like me, when you think of finding past places underground, you probably think about ancient civilization like this recently found “lost golden city” in Egypt. Yet, Jacksonville’s tunnels detailed in the first article were abandoned just a century ago. For those living in Denver, did you know the city has an intricate tunnel system between multiple hotels/restaurants/shops that dates back a hundred years? KDVR had a great piece on it a few years back. Isn’t it interesting how things can just be built on top of and forgotten by all of us on the surface? I mean, how often do you consider what’s under the ground? Yet, there is often so much rich history beneath the surface that is waiting to be discovered.

When it comes to what’s under your own property, how much do you think about what is under your house or yard? That too is often a forgotten world of various pipes and lines weaving an intricate pattern to bring you things like water, electricity, wifi, and gas while taking out your used water and sewage. Most homeowners don’t think about the underground until a major problem arises, so they are not very proactive in changing out lead water lines or leaking sewer lines. Only when that which is underground comes to the surface through a backup or puddle in the yard do people remember their underground plumbing. That’s where Apex comes in! We specialize in water and sewer repair and replacement. For those who are proactive and who happen to think about changing their lead water lines and fixing their leaking sewer lines ahead of time, we’re there for them. Even more so, we are there to help when those who, like the rest of us, have forgotten about the underground and only think about it when it comes to the surface. Whichever one you identify with, make sure to contact Apex for all your underground plumbing needs!

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