As the title suggests, I’m a big fan of prison escape movies and TV shows such as The Great Escape and Prison Break. Yet, it has always confounded me how Shawshank Redemption is ranked the #1 movie of all time on IMDB. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great movie with great acting and a great storyline. But it’s just great, not outstanding like other movies that belong at #1 like the Godfather. Anyway, it seems someone may have taken inspiration from the movie. According to this recent article, Hossein Nayeri was convicted on March 17th of escaping from prison and stealing a van after a jailbreak with two other inmates in 2016 from a Santa Ana, CA prison.

The article states, “Using smuggled tools, they cut through a metal grate in their maximum-security dorm cell, then climbed through plumbing shafts within the walls to reach the roof, where they rappelled down five stories using a rope made of bed linens, according to authorities and a cellphone video shot by Nayeri.” Escaping through the plumbing sounds familiar. They then kidnapped a taxi driver and had him drive them up the coast into San Francisco where they were spotted and subsequently arrested the next day. I guess not everything works out like it does in the movies. But who would’ve thought the plumbing would’ve been the way of escape?

We at Apex Plumbing work on underground plumbing every day. The pipe diameter can sometimes be substantial, especially for our commercial work. I guess we should think twice before we accept any work from a prison facility lest we aide criminals in their escape! However, we are perfectly fine to work with the amazing people of Denver in aiding them with their underground plumbing needs. If you are in need of our services whether for a water line replacement or sewer repair, contact us today! And drop a comment on our social media: In your opinion, what’s the best film of all time?

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