Did you know Tennessee has (probably) the second largest underground lake in the world? Located in the Great Smoky Mountains, the subglacial underground lake is found in the Craighead Caverns in Sweetwater, TN. I say “probably” because no one actually knows how big it is. Many attempts have been made to measure its size, but there are parts still awaiting exploration. Known as “The Lost Sea,” it was discovered in 1905 by a 13-year-old named Ben Sands who, as the lake’s website states, “wiggled through the tiny, muddy opening 300 feet underground and found himself in a huge room half filled with water.” The kid must’ve had serious guts because that sounds terrifying. According to this article, the size of the main lake is roughly 800 ft. long by 220 ft. wide, but beneath the surface are huge halls filled with water, which are yet to be explored. The article continues, “Over 13 acres (5.2 hectares) of water have been mapped so far, although explorers have still not found the end of the lake. One diver swam through the lake’s pitch black waters (sic) caves armed with a sonar device and was forced to turn around since they could detect nothing but water all around them.” Could you imagine swimming in an unexplored cave in the ultra-dark underground lake? Sonar or not, no thanks. With today’s technology, it truly is fascinating that they have not fully measured the true size of the lake.

As experts in underground excavation, we at Apex are used to working underground. No, not hundreds of feet under the surface in caverns, but we’re no strangers to water underground. However, apart from the distance down, we differ in one other key area: we never guess on our measurements. Everything we do is precise and measured perfectly. In a job where a degree or two can make a huge difference on the slope of the pipe for water to flow out of the home, there’s no room to guess. Being an inch short on our connections with the water lines would be disastrous and could potentially end with a lake of your own in your front yard. The Lost Sea is fascinating, largely due to the fact that it’s not fully explored. It provides intrigue and mystery. What’s in those unexplored caves? We may never know. Yet, when it comes to your own underground water, the last thing you want is intrigue and mystery. That’s where we come in. We’ll make sure your underground plumbing is nice and boring, measured exactly. If you are in need of a water line replacement (or sewer repair), contact us today for your free estimate!

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