It’s been said there are two absolutes in life: death and taxes. However, you could probably throw another one in there: plumbing problems. It seems no one is immune from these issues, even internationally famous people. According to a recent Daily Beast article, George Clooney himself had a “plumbing disaster” as the Obamas came to visit the Clooneys in Italy. The term “disaster” was used loosely though. The pool in their Lake Como villa was only half full and ice-cold moments before the former President and his family arrived. George hastily asked his bodyguard to call the local Lake Como plumber to come fix it. Luckily, the plumber was able to sort things out within a few minutes. Crisis averted! What a disaster. Could you even imagine?! (*heavy sarcasm*). Perhaps the author of the Daily Beast article meant it in sarcasm, though it does not appear to be the case.

When hearing the term “plumbing disaster,” several frightening images come to mind like busted pipes flooding a basement or the sink backing up and smelling up the entire house. Maybe these are just common folk problems and world-famous celebrities are above these issues. For those of us who have to deal with more significant plumbing disasters, we understand the cost and burden these issues can create. Many times, the problem requires much more than a friendly local Italian plumber (Mario, is that you?) coming to fix a pipe or two.

At Apex, we don’t provide traditional plumbing services like fixing showers or sinks. However, underground plumbing, something we specialize in, can still have disastrous issues. If problems like these arise, then you can be left without the ability to shower or flush the toilet. It’s at these times that you want a quick, competent, reliable, and professional company to come fix your plumbing issues immediately. A sewer line with roots in it that makes it impossible for you to flush your toilet or a busted water line that is causing water to pool in your front yard can truly classify as a plumbing disaster and you’ll want to get it fixed quickly. If you find yourself dealing with a true plumbing disaster, particularly of the underground variety, make sure to call Apex! Our trained and professional crews have performed thousands of sewer repairs and water line replacements so we are confident we can handle any of your worst underground plumbing nightmares. Contact us today!

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