With the skyrocketing prices of homes in Denver, it seems more and more people are moving north to towns like Timnath and Windsor. One of those growing places is the small town of Severance, CO. A recent article from CBS4 detailed the growing pains associated with all the newcomers. According to the article, “the Town of Severance is struggling to secure clean water taps for the hundreds of new-build buyers flocking to the town.” Of all the issues that could delay the projects, the ability to get clean water probably wasn’t on most people’s radars. The local water district worked to issue a moratorium on new-build water taps in Severance due to delays in building out their pipeline system. The Severance Mayor, Matthew Fries, has said the district’s inability to provide clean water to the new population is causing economic issues for his town, affecting the budget by nearly $2 million. Because of this lack of access to new water taps, the town of Severance is no longer approving residential building permits. So far, 37 applications that had already been received are now no longer able to proceed due to this issue.

Unfortunately, I think people take clean water and its ability to flow through our towns for granted. Every time you run water in your sink, it comes from millions of dollars worth of pipes, taps, water treatment plants, and power sources to clean and pump water into your house. Sometimes it is not until issues arise like what is happening in Severance that people realize how just how important our underground plumbing infrastructure really is. Of course, we at Apex understand its importance more than most. Underground plumbing is our bread and butter, and we get to witness and work on the amazingness of the infrastructure all around Denver every day. Maybe the next time you flush your toilet or take a shower or wash dishes in your sink just stop and think about what a blessing it is to live in 21st century America. As is proved in Severance, clean running water is not a basic right; it’s a privilege. If you are struggling with your running water due to lead in the water, low pressure or a high bill due to an underground leak, or standing water in your yard due to a damaged line, call Apex today! We understand the privilege of clean running water and want to make sure you have it.

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