Have you ever been part of a movement or a fan of something that has yet to “go mainstream”? I remember going to my first concert at 16 at the Bluebird to see a local band my siblings and I liked (Meese). The first opener of two was a band called Churchill. We became huge fans and followed them for the next few years, going to somewhere around a dozen shows. It was so cool to literally see them underground in basements before they grew to the point of eventually opening for major bands around the world. As great as it was to see them make it big, those first couple of years of going to shows for $10 and waiting for them to debut a new song or two were so special. And telling people about it may have been the best part. Just getting to let people in on this exciting “secret” made you feel cool, like you were in some private club that everyone wanted to be in. Have you ever felt that? Maybe you know the best burger place in town that few have heard of. Or maybe you’re a fan of a book series that has yet to make it big. Doesn’t it feel good to know about something before everyone else?

Apex Plumbing has been around for quite some time and we’ve been growing year after year. Of course, as any company would, we’d love to have our logo be immediately recognizable to all of Denver, but part of us just wants to be that “best kept secret” that our customers love to share when their friends need underground water and sewer work done. We’re very proud that we’ve built our business almost entirely upon referrals. Anyone can Google search for Denver sewer repair companies (and most do), but there’s something special to us when a friend tells his buddy about us. We feel honored and proud when a realtor tells her client about us. We’re so grateful when a neighbor looking for a sewer repair reaches out on sites like Nextdoor.com only to be told multiple times, “Call Apex Plumbing.” Our customers are truly the best and we always strive to give them that feeling that they are in on our secret. If you are in need of underground water and/or sewer work, contact us today and get in on the underground of underground!  

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