June 6th, 12:00 p.m. – The BBC is currently reporting on London Underground strikes currently taking place that are affecting every line. The Circle, Victoria, and Waterloo & City lines are all closed, while each of the others are experiencing slowdowns due to the walkout. The official Transport for London (TfL) government site has stated the strike is supposed to end tomorrow, June 7th. Many Londoners do not own cars and rely on the Tube to get them to their jobs, so this disruption is not an insignificant matter. Why is there a strike? The Guardian reports, “The RMT union has called the strike in protest against TfL plans to cut 600 jobs to reduce costs. Only London Underground station staff will be involved, rather than the 10,000 RMT members who walked out in March.” Many were told to avoid traveling altogether on Monday, June 6th due to the strike. What a crazy start to the week in London!

You know what underground doesn’t go on strike? The Underground Guys! Unlike the Tube, we’ll always be there for you. All jokes aside, we’re proud to have 37 years of providing consistent service to the great people in the Denver Metro area. We are even prouder to announce that our company is now 100% employee-owned! Each employee-owner has a vested interest in fixing your sewer or water line efficiently and sufficiently because as the company makes money, they personally gain more in their stock. Our hard-working men and women will now be rewarded for their efforts more than ever. We are confident this transition from family-owned to employee-owned is going to lead to even better service from everyone in the company.

We at Apex Plumbing have always prided ourselves on our dedication to safety and positive working conditions because we believe happy employees make for happy customers. This blog is in no way attempting to comment on the working conditions or political implications of the underground strike in London. The only thing we know about the London Underground is that they have a pretty good-looking logo. We just want you to know that when you as our customer have a bad sewer line or a leaking water line, Apex Plumbing, the Underground Guys, will be there. We strive to give each customer our very best so they have minimal disruptions in their service. And 37 years of this consistent service is just the beginning. If you would like to join us and be an employee-owner, we’re hiring!


If you have need of our underground plumbing services or would like to enquire about our open positions, please contact us today!

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