Isn’t it amazing what all can go underground? From the supposed “secret bunker” underneath DIA to the subway in New York, there’s quite a lot of things you can put underground. I recently ran across an article detailing a home selling for $18 million in Las Vegas. For a home built in 1978 which hadn’t changed its décor since it’s construction, $18m seemed like quite the price tag. However, this is no ordinary home. It is a 5,000 sq. ft. home inside a 15,000 sq. ft. underground bunker made of steel reinforced concrete. It was built by a man named Girard Henderson who was attempting to build a home that would be safe from the atomic bomb. Not only can you find homes underground, in so doing you can apparently find safety as well, or at least the feeling of safety.

We at Apex understand more than most the amazing things that can go underground. After all, our slogan is “the underground guys.” Every day, we get to work on cool pipes and structures that we put in the ground. Our commercial crews work on grease traps, storm sewers, and the like for restaurants, hospitals, schools, banks, businesses, and more. Our residential crews work on water lines and sewer lines connecting to the city main for nearly a thousand homes a year. In our commercial, residential, and municipal work, have seen the innerworkings of underground city plumbing across every municipality in Denver over our 35 years in business. We are proud of the work we get to do below the surface every day. And though what we put underground isn’t necessarily worth $18 million, we can guarantee you the things we put in the ground are not from 1978.

We love serving the great people of Denver and would love to serve you too. If you are in need of underground plumbing work, please contact us today for your free estimate! And if you end up buying that home in Las Vegas, please contact us today so we can come stay.

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