(Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report)


I like to check google every week or two to see if there are any interesting articles concerning plumbing or underground or something that might give me fuel for these blogs. Unfortunately, my recent search yielded nothing interesting that I could use. I wasn’t sure what my next blog would be on until I decided to see what was happening in the world of sports. I visited ESPN’s website and, low and behold, I found my next article idea. On the home page of ESPN, they had a story of the Dodgers vs. Angels game being cancelled after the 5th inning due to a broken main spilling sewage onto the field at Dodger’s Stadium. Being a Rockies fan with the Dodgers as a division rival, there are many jokes to be made here, but I’ll keep them to myself. However, as the ESPN writer noted, it was quite the coincidence that the leak happened in foul territory.

After the game, the Angel’s manager, Mike Scioscia, stated, “You can always say you’ve seen everything, but we haven’t seen something like that.” Sometimes the unexpected happens and disaster strikes. Being the last game of Spring Training, I’m sure both teams were understandably upset that they could not finish strong before beginning the regular season. A broken sewer main can have major consequences for anyone nearby, apparently including two pro sports teams. Sewer lines, attached to the main, can often have issues as well. These sewer problems can be very frustrating, can occur at any time, and can happen to anyone. If you own a home or business and the structure is old enough, it’s probably not a matter of if it will happen but when. It’s important to have a plan for when they do. If you have the misfortune of experiencing a broken sewer line, Apex Plumbing is here to help! We provide emergency services to homes and businesses in need all over the Denver Metro area. We specialize in sewer and water line repair and replacement along with fire lines, vaults, grease traps, and more! If you need help today or in the future, call Apex!

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