Walking Through The Proposal

We understand that our customers won’t always know everything there is to know about the world of plumbing. Because of this, we try to phrase our proposals in a way where you don’t need a degree in plumbing phraseology to understand the nature of the work. However, we still find it to be helpful for us to walk our customers through their proposal so we’ve decided to do it here online. Of course, each proposal will be different in what all is required as no two jobs are identical. This breakdown will simply help you as the customer better understand the phrasing and the structure of the bid document.



Let’s break it down by looking at several different aspects of our proposal.

Top of the Proposal

The top section of our proposal provides several basic pieces of information, many of which are for our own records.

On the left, you first see the proposal number. This is for our records as we keep track of every proposal we ever send out in our custom-built database. You also see the date the proposal is sent out along with the customer’s contact information.

In the center of this header section, we provide all of our contact information so you can get ahold of us by coming to the office, calling us on the phone, faxing us information, or going to our website, where you also can contact us.

On the right, we have our logo and slogan, “the underground guys” along with the correct address for the work. This is important to note because sometimes the billing address is different from the place the work is to be performed.

Middle of the Proposal

Denver water line replacement

This first part shows the work to be performed. It is the overall scope of the job so the customer knows exactly what needs to be done.


Denver water line replacement

The next section is what sets us apart from the competition. Many of the items included are things that are often omitted by other companies including proper compaction of backfill and all applicable permits and inspections. You don’t have to pay extra for these things or go get another company to do them. They are included in the price of the job.


Denver water line replacement

The warranty is our pledge to do the best work possible. This may seem like an insignificant line in a proposal, but this has behind it our unrivaled reputation for quality that has been built on 30+ years of superior work. To read more about our warranty, click here.


Denver water line replacement

There may be times when the customer will want to take care of certain items prior to the start of the job. These will be clearly stated on the proposal. Your estimator will discuss these things with you and include them on the proposal. We have found over the years that good communication produces the best outcomes. 

Bottom of the Proposal

Denver water line replacement

Nearly all of our proposals require a half-down payment at the time of scheduling with the rest due upon completion. The exception is for realtors. For those in real estate, we ask for payment upon closing, one of the reasons we are trusted by thousands of realtors. Have further questions about billing? Please feel free to contact us.


Denver water line replacement

The fine print is so easy to skip, isn’t it? Often, the tendency is to focus on the price to help us make a decision. However, if you choose to go with Apex, we want you to read the fine print so we made it easy for you by making it short and concise. Unlike multi-page disclaimers, you will find no surprises hidden in our one page proposal. In other words, you won’t need your attorney to decipher our terms and conditions.

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