Sewer Repair Warranty:

APEX Plumbing offers an unconditional 5-year fully transferable warranty on every job we perform. The dictionary defines “warranty” as an assurance, and this is our assurance to do our best work the first time. We understand that no one likes working with a business that you will have to call time and again to come back and fix their own mistakes. This is especially true in the underground plumbing business that often requires large holes being dug on your property to perform the work. APEX not only understands the value of your property, we also understand the value of your time. With every job we complete, we consider your time and insure that our works holds up for years to come. This is our promise to you!


Our Warranty History:

We began offering our 5-year warranty over 30 years ago. This was long before anyone else in the underground plumbing industry offered any warranty over one year. It seemed crazy to others that we could assure our work would undoubtedly hold up for 5+ years, but with over 32 years into this we feel confident in our assurance. Due to our industry-leading warranty, underground plumbing companies in Denver have had to change over the last few decades to reflect longer warranties.


What Makes Our Warranty Special?

Though many companies have begun to offer longer warranties, APEX continues to lead the way. We offer a fully-transferable warranty. This aspect particularly pleases our realtor friends because it means no matter how many times a house changes owners we will still warranty our work. Suppose Mr. Brown purchases a home and we replace his sewer line. If he moves two years later and sells to Ms. White, she is covered under our warranty for the work we did for Mr. Brown. If Ms. White sells to Mr. and Mrs. Green two years later, the work will still be covered for a year. Having worked with hundreds of realtors and thousands of homeowners, we know this is a crucial part of our warranty that helps us keep happy and loyal customers for life.

If our part of the work fails in anyway within five years, it is covered under the warranty.

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