While many Colorado Avalanche fans are still unable to watch the games due to the Altitude Network’s standoff with Comcast, those who can still watch may have noticed an unscheduled break in the schedule back in late November right after Thanksgiving. I was getting ready to watch the game between the Avs and the Nashville Predators when I hopped on Twitter. One of the first tweets I read said the game had been postponed. My first thought was weather, but Nashville shouldn’t have crazy weather like that. Was there some tragedy that had happened? As I continued to scroll, I found the answer. The game was postponed due to, of all things, a water main break. Bridgestone Arena, home of the Preds, was flooded. Hockey may be played on water, but they usually like it frozen first. According to this article by AP News, “Predators President and CEO Sean Henry told reporters that the water in the event level ranged from 3 inches to 3 feet.” The ice and the locker rooms are on the event level, making the game (and their next home game) impossible to play. As I’ve written on before, it’s in moments like these that you remember the importance of underground plumbers. Who else could go in and fix a broken water main? Very few people are prepared to handle something as serious as an entire arena being flooded. That’s when you call in people like us who know how to fix big pipes.

Luckily, the Avs will make up the game in April so ultimately “no harm done.” That is, except for the tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of dollars of repairs to the building. Things such as water main breaks and other underground plumbing issues are typically expensive and difficult to fix. That’s why you need a trusted name to call when the unthinkable happens. Apex Plumbing has been serving the Denver Metro for nearly 38 years, providing top notch service at an affordable rate. If you find a sudden need for emergency plumbing services, contact Apex! Don’t let underground plumbing issues delay your important schedule.

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