Is it just me or did kids used to explore a lot more when we were all younger? I remember going over to local parks and climbing trees and exploring the surrounding area whether it be creeks, open fields, or something else. Maybe it’s due to TikTok and social media or the amazingness of video games these days, but kids just don’t seem to have the same spirit of adventure. That’s why, as unfortunate as it is, it’s kinda cool to see this recent article on NBC News that detailed five children getting lost and subsequently rescued from a Staten Island, NY sewer tunnel. Fortunately, the kids were able to call 911 and the rescuers finally found them after opening several manhole covers. No harm done. Of course, I’m not saying it’s cool that five children were lost in the sewers, but I find it refreshing that kids were out exploring. Sometimes kids will get in trouble while seeking adventure, but I think I prefer that to the kids staying inside on their phones. And just think what could’ve happened if they had found some radioactive ooze and a wise old rat while they were down there in the NY sewers! Could’ve been radical. However, next time the kids are looking to go exploring, they may want to avoid the sewers.

If they had asked us, we could’ve told them the sewers are no place for kids. We’ve been working on them for nearly four decades and are well-acquainted with what’s down there. Sewers are fantastic for many purposes, but finding cool things isn’t exactly one of them. It’s those other fantastic purposes that we at Apex are interested in. We want to ensure your sewer lines remain properly functioning because it’s your small lines that lead to the much bigger and apparently explorable sewers that take waste far away. Each part must be in good working condition or things can get bad real fast. For this reason (and many more), the sewers aren’t a place for kids but for professionals like us who know how to navigate and repair them. Are you in need of work on your sewer (or water) line? Contact us today!

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