What To Expect During Your Utility Line Work

 You have chosen APEX Plumbing Co. to complete your utility service line project…now what?

Line Scoping /Locating – Our technician needs to run a camera down your sewer service line in order to detect its placement as well as to get a view of the problem area in your line to determine the type of work that will be required. In cases where no outdoor clean-outs exist, we will need access to the interior of the building in order to scope the line. Permission from property owners is required before our technician can access the premises.

Underground Utilities | APEX Plumbing Co.Other Utility Line Locates  – Colorado law requires that all underground facilities are marked prior to excavation. We call-in multiple locators through Colorado 811 that will be coming to your home or business to mark utility lines. We ask that during the duration of this initial process access remains open to the entire property.  If you have special circumstances, such as a dog or locked gates, please contact our office to let us know so that we may make the appropriate arrangements to have the locates completed. We ask that once paint marks or flags are set, property owners do their best to preserve them until the work is underway. There are three types of utility lines located on properties,  see the definitions below:


Types of Utility Lines

Common utilities are the ones owned by large corporations or municipalities. They may include public networks of electricity, water, sewer and natural gas systems, and are managed by providers. Examples of these commercial lines include: water mains, buried electrical lines, gas mains, fiber optic and other communication lines, and sewers.

Public utilities generally stop where the utility is metered. Think about a metering system, transformer, vault, valve, or junction box. Beyond such demarcation points are private utilities: the structures on personal property not owned by the utility or municipality. When starting a digging project on private property, you’re liable for identifying private lines. To avoid fines, fires, and outages, you need a commercial locate, but you also may need a private utility locate.

Private residential utilities may include:

  • Electricity (lines running to your garage or barn, invisible pet fences, landscape lighting or driveway lighting, signal switch cabling, generators, solar arrays, etc.)
  • Telephone and cable TV extensions to the garage, pool house, or detached apartment
  • Propane lines to buried tanks, gas grills, and pool heaters
  • Water supply lines (for private wells, irrigation, and sprinkler systems)
  • Septic lines, tanks, piping, and leach fields for sanitary and sewer services

Utilities’ locations and depths may be altered due to tree roots, bedrock, groundwater, line repairs, and plenty of other unforeseen circumstances. Understanding your need for an underground utility locate will help to ensure safety and quality standards are met on your dig site. Ultimately, locating utilities prior to digging or drilling promotes a safer work environment because it provides the customer with up-to-date subsurface information.

Neighbor Access – In some cases, it may be necessary to access your neighbor’s property. We will need a signed authorization from the property owner before starting the work. Your estimator will inform you if this is required and can assist you with the process.

Protecting Unsecured Items & Landscape – We will attempt to restore the existing landscape to the best of our ability. APEX is not responsible for replacement of any landscaping to original condition or for repair of any sprinkler lines cut during excavation.

Proposal Items –  By signing our proposal, you are agreeing to its prices, specifications, and conditions, and you authorize APEX to do the work as specified. Any changes involving extra cost will require a signed authorization.


What to Expect:

Construction Zone

Denver Sewer Repair | Loud Noises Pic

Noise! You should expect construction noise during your project. Our crews make every effort to keep noise to a minimum, but some construction tools and equipment can be loud. If you, other family members, or even your pets have sensitivity to loud noises, we recommend spending some time away from your house while the job is in progress.



interrupted water service | APEX Plumbing Co.

Service Interruptions – In some cases, water supply will be temporarily shut off while the work is being completed. If water supply is needed, we ask that you make your arrangements prior to our arrival. We also ask that you do not dump anything down the drains including toilets while our crews are in the work zone.



Denver Sewer Repair | construction signs

Hazards – Excavation sites can present multiple hazards such as equipment, material, open trenches, and a lot of activity for the duration of the job. Work zones should only be accessed by authorized personnel to avoid potential hazards. Safety is always our top priority.



Denver Sewer Repair | Sidewalk Closed Sign

Access Restrictions – Permits, regulatory or safety issues, and other conditions may require us to limit access to streets, sidewalks, and alley ways. There will be vehicles and crews coming and going from your job site throughout the project that may restrict access to your property or parking as well.  If you need access to your vehicle, you should park in an area where access is less likely to be restricted in order to avoid crew interruptions and ensure timely completion of your job.



During My Project:

Lines of Communication

  • Our front office staff can handle scheduling and billing concerns
  • You can refer to your estimator for project specific details
  • For questions about the job site, you can refer to the on-site supervisor

By now, you have probably already established a direct relationship with your estimator. If you have not and are unsure who to contact, feel free to call our main office and we can provide that information. For emergencies and after hours response, our main office line voicemail greeting will provide the on-call supervisor phone number.

Arrival Time – Typically, our crews will arrive between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Inspections & Permits – Permits and inspections are required for installation, repair, and replacement of water and sewer lines. Work done in the public right-of-way requires additional permitting. Municipal inspections help to insure that your job is performed using approved materials and installation standards, and that your work is being done by a properly licensed and insured company.

All work performed by APEX is done in accordance with all applicable codes and permitting requirements. The cost of permits and inspections is covered under your proposal. Permits for repair work can often be expedited. However, work cannot begin until the permits have been secured. Also, inspections can sometimes cause project delays based on the availability of  inspectors. One or more inspectors will visit the job site during the course of your project and all work must be approved prior to completion.

Customer Responsibilities – If access to the interior of the building is required, there will need to be someone available to allow entry. A lock box or similar means of access can be used with your authorization.

Access to Power or Water Supply – We will need an electrical connection and access to a water spigot. In order to reduce noise pollution, we attempt to utilize the power supply on site whenever possible.

Material & Equipment – Site material may be stored on or near the property that may restrict customer access. Please be aware that large vehicles & equipment will be coming and going throughout the duration of your project.

Wrapping Up My Project:


Clean-up – APEX will take care of the disposal of all debris left as a result of our work. We will sweep dirt from walkways and remove cones and signs when the job is complete.





Site Restoration Agreements – Unless otherwise detailed in your proposal, APEX does not guarantee full-site restoration for items such as flag stone or colored cement, bushes, or plants.



Weather Delays – The winter season can create significant challenges. When the temperature is below 40º, concrete & asphalt plants cannot produce material. In these cases, tie-up work may be delayed. Other conditions such as rain or snow may also delay job tie-ups. Please note that this work will be re-scheduled by our office to be completed at a later date when materials are available.


Denver Sewer Repair | Trenchless Job FinishedDenver Sewer Repair | Trenchless During Pic



Still Have Questions?

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